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Mission Statement

The Rotary Club of Paradise Vocational Committee

Creating a bridge between Students, Educators, and the Private Sector for access to Vocational and Business Advocacy Services and Activities within the Paradise Community. Our goal is to inspire the local work force and students to see the career potential on the Ridge and Butte County while helping support a thriving business community for our area.

November 18th Career Expo

The Paradise Rotary Vocational Committee will host a Career Expo at Paradise High School on November 18th,  2022. Students from all schools within the district boundaries (Public, Private and Charter) will participate in the Career Expo. Students will learn about a wide variety of potential career paths and post-secondary options that will prepare them for the next chapter of their educational journey and enhance the workforce development pipeline in the community.

A number of education and workforce agencies, along with local businesses, have collaborated to provide Ridge students the opportunity for “Career Exploration” through the upcoming Career Expo. Students will examine highlighted career clusters with the event offering a connection to more than 50 local industry professionals representing in-demand career fields from across the county. Employers and industry experts will be represented from highly sought-after career clusters and will provide information including minimum qualifications, educational requirements, salary expectations and more.

Students will grow their knowledge of local career opportunities and begin to identify areas of interest in potential career paths and post-secondary options, including Career Technical Education (CTE) opportunities. All students will be encouraged to participate in career exploration; however, targeted student populations will include high school students, including special education students and female students interested in the trades.

The committee would like to encourage all high school students to identify early pathways to career development beginning with “Career Exploration” at the Expo. Students will identify areas of interest and will work with high school staff to seek opportunities through the support of our community partnerships. We are looking to create different CTE pathways and programs along the work-based learning continuum including; on campus training, jobsite field trips and apprenticeship opportunities as follow ups to the expo.  Students will be completing career informational worksheets so we can follow up with the students to align their career interests with the right CTE pathway. 

Special education students will be provided access to industry experts offering feedback related to opportunities for Vocational and Educational skills development for adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Students and families will be provided transitional information, highlighting opportunities to work with local agencies to build high school to workforce transition pathways.

Finally, the Paradise Rotary Vocational Committee will highlight “Woman in Trades”, a focus on encouraging female students to see themselves in traditionally male dominated careers. This will be supported through our community and trade partners highlighting their own successful female employees in leadership roles.

These events are intended to inspire the community and next generation of workforce to think in terms of career pathways either directly out of high school or after secondary school education as well as provide resources for them to get access to the Career Technical Education and training within their field of interest, thereby strengthening the workforce development pipeline on the Ridge. 

The events will also give businesses in the area the chance to interact with the educators, students, and potential future employees, thereby promoting existing business operating within the community.  It will also give these businesses/employers the chance to share their employment needs directly with the resources that will foster the future of the workforce on the ridge.  Relationships will be formed between local businesses and schools, opening the door to enhance future work-based learning activities such as guest speakers, field trips, internships and apprenticeship opportunities.

Career Clusters:

The following career clusters will be highlighted at this event:

  • Construction Industry
  • Electrical Industry
  • Plumbing Industry
  • Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications
  • Business Management and Administration
  • Education & Training
  • Government and Public Administration
  • Law, Public Safety, EMS and Cal Fire
  • Marketing
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • Health Occupations
  • Manufacturing / Fabrication
  • Financial

High school students will be able to participate in the following ways:

  • Learn about work-based learning (WBL) opportunities
  • Attend industry panel, keynote speakers and discussions
  • Attend information sessions at booths in areas of interest
  • Complete a Career Expo worksheet to identify areas of interest (see attached)
  • Attend career planning support sessions provided by student’s school following the Expo
  • Learn about postsecondary education, training, and apprenticeship opportunities, post Expo


The Need for Vocational Services on the Ridge